Big update

Big update

Ok so this might get a little long so I’ll try and keep it as short as possible.

It’s been a pretty busy couple weeks, I added a new logo as can be seen here. I’ve done two tv commercials one for a restaurant in Naples and another for a car dealership in Mississippi, when I get my hands on them I’ll post for your viewing pleasure. Also, I was contacted by an agency in NY that I’ve been associated with for an audition on a pitch campaign they are doing with a big industry giant, which could be a national commercial.

Audiobooks: I narrated and submitted 3 books last month, 2 have passed qc and headed to retail any day now, just waiting on the 3rd book to get approved. I picked up 2 other books yesterday and completed 1 already and it’s awaiting approval from the rights holder before heading off to qc.

Oh and I did some updates to the website audiobook page, check it out.

Sorry I tried to keep it short.

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