T- 24+ hours

It’s Friday 6:30pm and some fairly good news, the storm has shifted to the west alittle, but its forward approach has slowed down to 12 mph. Today has not been great though here in Volusia county we have had alot of rain, coupled with the rain we have had over the last few weeks and the ground is just saturated, so the water is already starting to pond (not good) this leaves little room for the upcoming rain we are about to get. As it stands the next 72 hrs. could be fun. Most people that I have seen and talked too are ready that just want the time to keep on ticking and get this party started so they can move on.

Due to all the prepping of the house and the rain delaying the ability to do other things I wasn’t able to audition for any new projects today, since everything is pretty caught up I hope to catch up tomorrow morning before we start getting the first of the squalls.

That’s all for today, until next time.