The life of a VO in the eye

Let me preface this by saying that first I’m not a blogger never have been never planned on being but the opportunity arose to give a first-hand experience as to the life of a VO in the eye of a hurricane. It’s Thursday evening at 10:15 September 7 and its T -48 hours before hurricane Irma arrives at this location. It’s been quite a week between auditions taking care of clients, and preparing for the storm which includes food basic necessities getting the house prepared for potential disaster and it’s only just begun. As a native Floridian this is not an unfamiliar road, however this one is different it’s bigger than any storm that I can recollect. I’m going to attempt to provide updates as often as I can as long as the power and the ability to have net access is available.

The week started just like any other doing auditions providing client with voice however it was that nagging feeling provided by the news that something impending was on the horizon. As a VO we read through the script and get into character however sometimes it’s difficult to get into that character when there’s 100 different things going through your mind of preparations that need to be taken into account for the storm.

Right now is the calm before the storm it’s warm, humid, very slight breeze but this is only just the beginning. But we are as prepared as we can be with all the basic necessities.

According to the recent reports the eye should come real close to my destination with category 3/4 storm force winds.

More to come..