The party is starting

It’s saturday at 8:30pm and the winds are starting to pick up, we have had rain off and on all day, not from Irma but from the cold front that came down, so it really didn’t help people trying to make last minute preparations, Oh and the power went out for about an hour already, no big deal.

The day started out nice when I flipped on the tv and saw that the path had shifted more to the west, (phew), however my cousin who lives north of tampa is now dead in its path, so they made the trek across the state and are bunking up with us. Which is good because like most families we are always saying we need to get together more, well thank you Irma for making that possible. So we now 5 dogs, 4 cats, 5 adults and 2 children under the age of 5 shacked up having a good time.

Ok so back to the weather as of right now the wind is blowing a fairly steady 30mph, the temperature is very nice, almost a little cool but some of that could be just nerves, and ready to get this over with. The next 48 hours should be fun.

More updates to come.