As a full-time professional American voice actor with my own studio, my goal is to always deliver the highest quality voiceover product and provide the utmost professionalism and friendliness to every client. My crisp, strong-toned voice and clear diction allow me to adjust to the needs of each individual project. Clients have praised my ability to follow directions and interpret their needs, often requiring only a few takes to deliver the perfect result they envisioned.

I would be thrilled to bring my professionalism and talent to your company as a Voice Actor. Whether you need a voiceover delivery that’s bold and in-your-face or warm and comforting, my versatile voice can provide the perfect read for your project. I’ve been described as having a “powerful,” “rich,” “strong and solid,” and “authoritative” voice, but I can also deliver a smooth and sexy sound. With a broad range of reads to choose from, I’m confident that I can provide you with the voiceover you need to make your project stand out.

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